• Creature 3D – Movie Review

    Creature 3D – Movie Review

    This Creature’s experience is ok in parts, passable at times but unbearable majorly Though Bollywood has had films with canines, monkeys, snakes and all, but still Creature makes for India’s first ‘creature film’ as certainly it is on a big scale and full-fledged fiction films we all have been seen Hollywood doing. And that makes it a little more exciting, something never seen coming to screen from Bollywood. But alas, that’s about it! Please click to expand review This one […]

  • Finding Fanny – Movie Review

    Finding Fanny – Movie Review

    Finding Fanny is a somewhat offbeat cinema with Grade A performances! There are films in Bollywood said to be different and for the niche audience, this is it. There are films whose very foundation lies with the actors, this is it. And then there are films that have everything good going their way but not the story, this is it. But that wasn’t the case as per the trailers. Coming from Homi Adajania and Dinesh Vijesh too much was expected […]

  • Mary Kom – Movie Review

    Mary Kom – Movie Review

    Priyanka Chopra makes Mary Kom (the film) believable and stirring This is that face of cinema and movies which is inspiring and knowledgeable. And believe it or not, accept it or not, without movies like MaryKom and others, either we didn’t know about the talent in our country or we didn’t have time to acknowledge it. Based on real life or not, there are some movies that makes one proud to be born in this country and guess that’s the […]