• Raja Natwarlal – Movie Review

    Raja Natwarlal – Movie Review

    Watch it for performances and light entertainment it offers Many of us are keen towards con films coming out of Bollywood as this genre is seen once in a blue moon. A fact other than that is majority of such films have turned out to be immensely captivating, one fine example would be last year’s release Special 26. And especially when such a film is a mix of con-caper like this one, the excitement is at its peak. The movie […]

  • Mardaani – Movie Review

    Mardaani – Movie Review

    Rani Mukerji makes this engaging film all the more influential Today in Bollywood we see almost a mix of movies from all genres, where there are flicks totally meant to entertain, they are others with a social message attached. Then there are films like Mardaani that are entirely based and inspired by true events or on an issue prevailing in the society. Please click to expand review Imagine, if a film that delivers a social message strikes a chord with […]

  • Singham Returns – Movie Review

    Singham Returns – Movie Review

    Watch it for a good dose of action and the lion legend Ajay Devgn Another mass entertainer to come out of Bollywood with conventional cat-a-mouse chase, Singham “returns” with wondrous Ajay Devgn, more action portion, Kareena, but with a less powerful villain and overall a less impactful sequel. With this film, the phrase ‘first impression is the last one’ stays put as the first influence was strong enough to be even remembered today and stands out when compared to its 2014 […]